shock absorption modification

Chassis modification is the main spring and shock absorption modification. The main function of the spring is to eliminate the impact and vibration caused by the vehicle on the uneven road surface, and the energy of the impact and vibration is converted into the potential energy of the spring through the deformation of the spring. Instead of storing energy, however, springs must bounce and return to their original shape to release it. Shock absorbers are needed to suppress the shock when the spring bounces back after shock absorption.


If you’ve ever driven a car with a broken shock absorber, you can see how it bounces through every pothole, the ripples that shock absorbers are designed to suppress. Without shock absorbers, the car will not be able to control the bounce of the spring, and the car will have a serious bounce when encountering rough roads. When cornering, it will also cause the loss of grip and tracking due to the vibration of the spring up and down. Ideally, shock absorbers are used to limit the spring to one bounce.

When we compress or stretch the shock absorbers at a constant rate, the resistance is called damping. This resistance comes from the shock absorber, the piston will pressure the damping oil through the small aperture of the valve, high-speed squeezing through the hole will inevitably generate friction heat, the energy of the spring shock through the friction generated by the heat dissipation. The damping can be changed by changing the valve aperture.


The so-called harder shock absorber can produce larger resistance when it is made. When we compress or stretch the shock absorber at a very slow speed, its resistance comes only from friction within the mechanism, and the damping oil produces little resistance. However, as the dynamic speed increases, the increase of resistance will be directly proportional to the square of the change rate of the vibration speed of the shock absorber, that is, when the vibration speed increases by 2 times, the resistance will increase by 4 times.

Post time: Feb-25-2022