nitrogen gas shock absorber monotube adjustable

There are many types of shock absorbers on the market, such as nitrogen shock absorbers, hydraulic shock absorbers, pneumatic shock absorbers, electromagnetic shock absorbers, etc. Today, we will focus on nitrogen shock absorbers for rich players.

Nitrogen shock absorbers, also known as inflatable shock absorbers, are a new type of shock absorbers that have only appeared in the last few years. Nitrogen gas shock absorber is a special oil, inner side channel slot automatically adapt to flat or bumpy road, can through to adjust the nitrogen pressure to adjust the soft and hard degree of the shock absorber, a larger tank, better thermal attenuation performance, in order to increase the driver’s driving comfort and pleasure, but also consider the safety of high speed bumps when driving.

Nitrogen has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are as follows: 1. It has strong adaptability and can adapt to a variety of road conditions. The nitrogen pressure can also be automatically adjusted to adjust the softness and hardness of the shock absorber. 2, because of the use of nitrogen, stable nature will not deteriorate, and will not be higher temperature and damage the shock absorber. Of course, the disadvantages are also more obvious, one is that the price is higher than the traditional oil shock absorber, the other is that the technical requirements for inflation are relatively high, once broken maintenance is very difficult, and the oil shock absorber is much simpler.

Post time: Sep-08-2022